Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday Stampers Steampunk

It has been a busy busy day in my craft room. So many challenges, so many ideas running through my head. I started with the Sunday Stampers Challenge by the lovely Hels Sheridan. She just celebrated her birthday, so she is especially excited and joyful this week. Her theme this week was Steampunk. I had to really do some looking up for this one. I had no idea really what it is. I just realized I forgot to add on my gears that I so carefully die cut this afternoon. Oops :-) I used some crushed olive, frayed burlap, and black soot DI on the background, using the crumpling, dipping, swiping, and drying method. I got to finally put ink on my Tim Holtz Steampunk stamp set. That certainly made this challenge a little easier! Check out her blog for all the details about the challenges. They are always fun.


  1. Fantastic piece, great elements.

  2. Stunning! Can't believe you had to look it up - looks like you've been doing SP for ages. Thanks for mentioning it in your comment on mine - I had seen your posts above and below this one, but somehow missed the SP piece before. Love it.

  3. oooh now this is rather splendid indeedily... loving how you did the middle man slightly differently.. he is very dapper isn't he! Thanks for your lovely comment about me.. bless ya!! thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x


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