Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Creative Chemistry Day 5 - Alcohol Inks

I love love love Alcohol Inks.  I've had yopo paper since Tim showed us at CHA.  Yup...in the collection. So fun to get it out of the package.  I admit, I struggled with the techniques, which is why I only have 2 photos.  I'll play more tomorrow.

Creative Chemistry Day 4

Today we got to play with Distress Crayons... Oh my.  I'm in love.

Creative Chemistry Day 3 - Mediums and Textures

Embossed Texture Paste
Day 3 - Truly time to use the 'collection'. I have had this stuff forever.  Oh so fun to put it to use.
Layered Collage

Texture Paste Coloring

Texture Paste Resist
Grit Paste

Creative Chemistry Day 2

Day 1, omg...exhausting.  day 2 - even more fun, new techniques and fun.  I loved every minute.
Paint Resist
Paint Lifting
Distress Stain Rub Resist
Distress Marker Spritzed
Luminous Mica

Creative Chemistry Day 1 - Micro Glaze Resist

Oh my...the possibilities.

Creative Chemistry Day 1 - Distress Washed watercolor technique

Micro Glaze - AMAZING.  Enough said.

I love this technique.  You watercolor your image, cover with micro glaze, and then spritz and watercolor around the image creating a sort of 'halo' around your image.  

Creative Chemistry Day 1 - Offset Stamping

The fun continues.  Off set stamping is where you stamp your first image with a light image, watercolor the image, and then over stamp with archival ink that is 'offset'.  Love the result.

Creative Chemistry Day 1 - Shadow Stamping

For our 2nd technique today we worked with Picket Fence Distress Paint as a shadow feature.  Love it!  

Creative Chemistry Day 1 - Distress Highlight Stamping

The second technique today was so cool.  Ranger finally came out with Picket Fence Distress Ink.  It is pigment...but...still distress.  It makes an amazing shadow as you can see below.  Basically, you stamp your first image, and then offset the picket fence with the same image creating a shadow.

Creative Chemistry Day 1 - DIY Hombre

Creative Chemistry Day 1 - DIY ombre.  Create your own ombre ink pad.  This is kind of a graduated color pad.  I used Fossilized Amber, Ripe Persimmon and Mustard Seed.  Even though it's 100 degrees here,  I am still thinking fall.  I loved the colors and can't wait to make cards.

It's Time..Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 1

If you have signed up for Creative Chemistry 103, then you know the excitement we all are feeling as the week got started.  The review during the summer of 101 and 102 were just the primer to get our creative juices flowing!

Day 1 focused on Distress Inks, Distress Micro Glaze, Distress Stains, and watercoloring.  It was a busy busy day that made my head spin!
Ombre Ink Pad
Shadow Stamping
Micro Glaze Resist
Distress Washed Watercolor

Offset Stampinng
It was so fun to get all inky and messy today.  Can you 'feel' the smile on my face?
I have loved seeing everyone else in the gallery...so finally getting around to loading mine.  Have a look and let me know what you think.