Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 4 - CC Challenge Monoprint

Ughhhh. Here it is, Sunday afternoon, and I'd much rather be watching the World Cup than finishing this challenge. Truth be told - I'd rather be doing yard work in 106 degrees today than doing this challenge. After a million tries - this is the best one :-( Not my best, but not the worst one I did either). I used peeled paint over black. Stamp was one of my favorite from Outlines Rubber Stamps. Flowers - Tim Holtz new dies. The blob in the middle is supposed to say...'Thinking of you'. Enough whining - I worked on the technique and will have to keep working. Oh, and the snaps at the bottom were a fun surprise that I won from the All Things Tim Yahoo site (thanks to Gloria). have a great week everyone.

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  1. Jane, I'm glad you chose to do the card instead of getting heat stroke! And, I think it turned out great!

    One thing in your description caught my eye-- you said you used Peeled Paint over the background? That may explain why you had a more difficult process. The crackle paints might be a little too "moody" to use as the shabby chic overlay. That said, though, it really did turn out lovely!



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