Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Creative Chemistry Day 5 - Alcohol Inks

I love love love Alcohol Inks.  I've had yopo paper since Tim showed us at CHA.  Yup...in the collection. So fun to get it out of the package.  I admit, I struggled with the techniques, which is why I only have 2 photos.  I'll play more tomorrow.

Creative Chemistry Day 4

Today we got to play with Distress Crayons... Oh my.  I'm in love.

Creative Chemistry Day 3 - Mediums and Textures

Embossed Texture Paste
Day 3 - Truly time to use the 'collection'. I have had this stuff forever.  Oh so fun to put it to use.
Layered Collage

Texture Paste Coloring

Texture Paste Resist
Grit Paste

Creative Chemistry Day 2

Day 1, omg...exhausting.  day 2 - even more fun, new techniques and fun.  I loved every minute.
Paint Resist
Paint Lifting
Distress Stain Rub Resist
Distress Marker Spritzed
Luminous Mica

Creative Chemistry Day 1 - Micro Glaze Resist

Oh my...the possibilities.

Creative Chemistry Day 1 - Distress Washed watercolor technique

Micro Glaze - AMAZING.  Enough said.

I love this technique.  You watercolor your image, cover with micro glaze, and then spritz and watercolor around the image creating a sort of 'halo' around your image.  

Creative Chemistry Day 1 - Offset Stamping

The fun continues.  Off set stamping is where you stamp your first image with a light image, watercolor the image, and then over stamp with archival ink that is 'offset'.  Love the result.